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Our planet’s dizzying beauty and wonders fascinate every child, and Prakash was no exception. Prakash retained his obsession with wildlife as he grew up, which has kept him rooted in love and reverence for Earth, leading him to become a fine storyteller as a filmmaker and cameraman.

For over a decade now, among numerous creative pursuits, he has taken up every opportunity to bring wildlife conservation stories from India to a discerning global audience. His vision, towards which he sincerely strives, is to craft stories that tug at the heartstrings of people from all walks of life and to evoke in them a genuine love for the natural world. Splitting his between creating films for non-profit and government organisations that support wildlife conservation projects and doing camerawork for broadcasters such as the BBC, Discovery, Disney, Apple TV, Animal Planet and National Geographic, 

As a National Geographic Explorer, Prakash creates a much-needed, inspiring, and engaging nature-education video series on high-conflict wildlife species for children in India who live close to the forests. He says investing in children’s educational visual media is vital to building long-term tolerance towards and love for wildlife in them.

Prakash hopes to be persistent in his quest for natural beauty while, through his work, shedding light on some of the most urgent issues that pose threats to it. He says that art does more than raise questions – it finds answers, too.

National Geographic Explorer. Wildlife Filmmaker. Cinematographer. Speaker.

Awards and Accolades

Credit list for Natural History
and Conservation Films

Recent Projects

BBC – Planet Earth III – Principal Cameraman – long lens, Gimbal

Apple TV – Big Beasts – Principal Cameraman – long lens

BBC – NDA – Principal Cameraman – long lens, Gimbal, Drone

Discovery – Untitled – Principal Cameraman – long lens

Nat Geo Fund Series – Untitled – Principal Cameramen – long Lens

Disney Nature – NDA – Long Lens, Drone Pilot


Apple TV – Untitled – Principal Cameraman – long lens

Discovery – Untitled – Principal Cameraman – long lens

Forest Department Karnataka – Nagarahole – Principal Cameraman – long lens
National Geographic Society Grant – Elephant – Principal Cameramen – long Lens

National Geographic Society Grant – Wolf – Principal Cameramen – long Lens


Disneynature – Wild Star – Feature film Tx23 – Drone

National Geographic Society Grant – Leopard – Principal Cameramen – long Lens

Forest Department Karnataka – Frontline Heroes – Principal Cameramen – long Lens

WWF India – Wetlands for Life – Director of Photography


Saving Nature – CWS – Flying Elephants – Director of Photography

National Geographic Society Grant – Blackbuck – Director of Photography

National Geographic Society Grant – Sloth Bear – Director of Photography


Evolveback – Naturally – Indian Fox – Principal Cameramen

Evolveback – Naturally – Grey Hornbill – Principal Cameramen

Evolveback – Naturally – Gian Wood Spider – Principal Cameramen

National Geographic – Felis – Cats of India: Jungle Cats – Sequence Cameramen

Bat Conservation India Trust – Save the bats – Director of Photography

Forest Department Karnataka – Elephant Relocation Documentation – Director of Photography


Round Glass – Mudskipper – Elephants, Sloth Bear, Rhinos, King Cobra – Principal Cameramen

Evolveback – Naturally – Bar Headed Goose – Principal Cameramen

Discovery Channel – Mudskipper – Wild Karnataka – Sloth Bear with cubs – Sequence Cameramen

Forest Department Karnataka – Bandipur – Temple vs Tiger – Director of Photography


Animal Planet – Felis – Mysterious Wilds of India: Snow Leopard – Sequence Cameramen, Time- lapse

National Geographic – Wildlife Conservation Society – Wild Seve – Director of Photography

Conservation International (CEPF&ATREE) Conservation Incentives – Director of Photography

Conservation International (CEPF&ATREE) Green Economies – Director of Photography

Deccan Conservation Foundation – Wasteland Wolves – Director of Photography

Deccan Conservation Foundation – Conservation Film – Director of Photography

National Geographic Explorers – Western Gats Endemic Species – Director of Photography


BBC – The Hunt – Living with Predators – Drone

Conservation International (CEPF&ATREE) Species Recovery & Management – Director of Photography

Conservation International (CEPF&ATREE) WG Biodiversity Portal – Director of Photography

Conservation International (CEPF&ATREE) Indigenous Communities and Conservation – Director of Photography

Conservation International (CEPF&ATREE) Endemic Species Conservation – Director of Photography

Conservation International – Goldman Environmental Prize Winner – Jean Wiener – Director of Photography

Forest Department Maharastra – Drones for Conservation – Director of Photography


(Started my journey in Wildlife Filmmaking)

Nature Conservation Foundation – Understanding Leopard Ecology in India: Camera-trapping leopards, Sequence Cameraman

Conservation International (CEPF&ATREE) Landscape Conservation – Director of Photography

Wildlife Conservation Society – Wild Seve Fund Raiser Film – Director of Photography

2008 - 2013

(Wildlife Conservation Photography, Volunteering, Training, Conservation Activities)

Line transects for Tiger and Prey population Monitoring Program – Wildlife Conservation Society (2009,10,11,12)

Naturalist Training Programme by Karthikeyan S, Chief Naturalist, JLR

Black Buck Census by WANC 2009

Jumbo Fund -Anil Kumble Foundation Website

Tiger Estimation in Bhadra by Karnataka Forest Department 2010

Elephant Rescue in Bangalore Rural Documentation 2010

Tiger Post Mortem Documentation in Bandipur Tiger Reserve

Wildlife Roadkill Awareness Programmes (2008.9,10)

Elephant Post Mortem Documentation in BRT Tiger Reserve

Camera Trapping in Kabini – Nature Conservation Foundation

Tribal and Rural children awareness programme on wildlife with Street Play, Quiz and Documentary showcase (2008.9, 10,11,12,13)

Volunteering for Impact of Tourism research project in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.

Ground Truthing of Forests with GPS units in Kanha, Pench, Nagarahole and Bhadra

Started ‘Conservation Threats’ a website to report wildlife threats for a collective and a sustainable action

Selected News & Articles

Conservation Films

Prakash likes to craft stories about science, culture and wildlife conservation and their intersection that influences opinion and changes behaviour.

Natural History Camerawork

Prakash’s experience as a cinematographer includes filming for blue chip landmarks and sync/actuality across some of the most challenging environments.

Filmmaking Workshops

Prakash teaches the artistic and technical details of wildlife filmmaking in his workshops, sharing the lessons and inspirations gleaned during a decade in the wild.

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