The power of the moving image has always fascinated Prakash. He believes it has a significant role in awareness and can motivate people to change. And so, as a filmmaker, he strives to weave truth and beauty together with delicate strands of detail, articulacy, passion and precision. Prakash’s filmmaking career began when he volunteered for a wildlife NGO. He specialises in telling stories about science and wildlife conservation and the intersection of the two, which influence opinion and change behaviour. His work has contributed to government policy changes, raised funds for wildlife conservation and influenced communities, and made complex scientific topics accessible to a worldwide audience..

Mitra Launching Soon

Mitra – Friends in the Wild by Prakash Matada is a wildlife film series on local species for children. The films are created with support from National Geographic Society and Mazumdar Shaw Philanthrophy.

This 5-part series will tell the stories of five local and high-conflict wildlife species: leopards, elephants, sloth bears, wolves and blackbucks. The mission is to create a much-needed, inspiring, engaging nature education video series for children in Karnataka, India and beyond. The series is in three different languages  – Kannada, Hindi, and English.

If you are interested in showcasing the films to your students or children, please drop in a message.

Conservation Films

Prakash likes to craft stories about science, culture and wildlife conservation and their intersection that influences opinion and changes behaviour.

Natural History Camerawork

Prakash’s experience as a cinematographer includes filming for blue chip landmarks and sync/actuality across some of the most challenging environments.

Filmmaking Workshops

Prakash teaches the artistic and technical details of wildlife filmmaking in his workshops, sharing the lessons and inspirations gleaned during a decade in the wild.

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