Talking to a keen audience on subjects close to one’s heart is a great way to communicate and inspire. As a speaker, Prakash Matada has lent his story and experience to various audiences, addressing tech leaders, educational institutions, nonprofits and creative agencies. His talks take listeners on his journey from a child enthusiastic about wildlife to a professional filmmaker, sharing the lessons and inspiration he has gained during his time in the wild and insights and backstories in wildlife filmmaking that engage audiences.

“Prakash is a natural presenter! Both sessions went really well and as you saw, students absolutely loved it from both session”

– Ryan, Apollo English School

“So many questions for our super star. Fantastic Stuff. I joined from home and I was hooked from start to finish and didn’t realise 45 minutes had gone .”

– Gary, Senior Learning Experience Manager

Selected Engagements


Linkedin – #HowIGotHere Prakash Matada Inspirational Journey

National Geographic Learning Vietnam – Never Give Up on Endangered Animals

Youth Photographic Society – Introduction to Wildlife Filmmaking

Red Earth – Conservation with Prakash Matada

NAFL School – Living a Wild Life

PES University – Telling Stories like it Matters

Jain University – Principles and Key Techniques in Wildlife Filmmaking

Rotary Club – World Wildlife Day (Sustaining ALL Life on Earth)

National Geographic Explorer Festival – Empowering Future Wildlife Warriors

Skal International – Telling stories like it Matters

Atree & CEPF – Drones for Wildlife Conservation

Alva’s Institute – Living a Wild Life

Landscape Wizards – Drones: Adding New Dimension to Landscape Photography

Nature in Focus – Drones: Changing the way you see the Nature

Vidyashilp Academy – Career as a Wildlife Filmmaker

Conservation Films

Prakash likes to craft stories about science, culture and wildlife conservation and their intersection that influences opinion and changes behaviour.

Natural History Camerawork

Prakash’s experience as a cinematographer includes filming for blue chip landmarks and sync/actuality across some of the most challenging environments.

Filmmaking Workshops

Prakash teaches the artistic and technical details of wildlife filmmaking in his workshops, sharing the lessons and inspirations gleaned during a decade in the wild.

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