Never has the time been more critical for filmmaking to help make a difference in the natural world. In today’s world, every conservation practitioner should have access to the most powerful tools to help combat the enormous threats posed by species extinction, global warming and environmental destruction. Film is one of these tools; it can tell powerful stories that change how viewers think, feel, and act. This workshop is a complete ‘How to guide on creating impactful films for conservation”.

In Collaboration with


Mitra Wildlife Conservation Filmmaking Workshop, created by Prakash Matada, collaborates with The Tamara Coorg and Sony. 

The Tamara Coorg, a 185-acre eco-resort, covers all expenses associated with lodging, food, instructional facilities, and field guides.

Sony Cameras will provide camera gear throughout the workshop.

Conserving wildlife and the environment is at the heart of our mission and collaboration.

About the Workshop

The four-day workshop at Tamara Coorg is specifically designed to provide a deeper understanding of the power of storytelling and the strengths of video to communicate about science, nature and conservation with diverse audiences across the world’s evolving media platforms. 

This workshop will cover everything from what equipment you need to how to plan, shoot and edit a film and showcase it to an audience that matters. Throughout the workshop, the material will be covered specifically from the angle of catering to people working in the wildlife and environmental conservation field. 

Finally, you will create a video story with the support of Sony Gears and filmmaker Prakash Matada. We will premier the films on the last day at Tamara Coorg, and the partners will also use the final products to promote the work.

Who can Apply?

  • Ideally, Wildlife and Environmental Conservation practitioners,
  • Scientists, Journalists, Storytellers, and Filmmakers. 
  • The applicants do not need prior experience, equipment, or training in filmmaking,
  • but we encourage applicants who care about the environment and wildlife and want to make a difference.

About the Mentor

Prakash Matada is an award-winning independent filmmaker and a national geographic explorer. He has turned his childhood obsession with wildlife into a professional pursuit. Splitting his time between creating wildlife conservation films for non-profit organisations and doing camerawork for broadcasters, he strives to craft stories that tug at the heartstrings of people from all walks of life and evoke a genuine love in them for the natural world. He creates conservation films to advance wildlife and conservation objectives. He works with NGOs, organisations and conservation practitioners across the globe to produce films to preserve species and landscapes and benefit the people that depend on them—everything from raising funds for projects, engaging stakeholders, lobbying for change and producing public campaigns. Know more about his work and credits at


About the Location

The Tamara Coorg, an eco-retreat resort nestled deep within India’s western ghats, has a plethora of flora and fauna. The Western Ghats mountain chain is one of the 36 global biodiversity hotspots supporting significant biodiversity and endemicity, particularly among plants, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. The Tamara Coorg provides abundant opportunities to create stories about wildlife, habitat and environmental sustainabilities. Learn More about The Tamara Coorg at

Workshop Schedule

  • Thursday Mar 9 – Arrival  

    Kickstart Classroom Sessions, Introduction to Tamara Coorg , Sony Gear Presentation

    Friday Mar 10 – Field and Classroom Session, Celebrating World Wildlife Day

    Saturday Mar 11 – Editing Session, Premiere Short films at evening

    Saturday Mar 12 – Field Session and then Departure.

    Note: Detailed Scheduled will be shared to the selected participants.

Important Dates

  • Application deadline: Feb 15, 2023
    Applicants Notified: Feb 20, 2023
    Mitra – Wildlife Filmmaking Workshop: March 09-12, 2023 

Important Notes

    • This highly competitive free workshop will accept only 10 applicants, 
    • And for selected applicants it will cover all expenses during the workshop associated with lodging, food, camera gear and only travel to-fro ( Virajpet, Coorg -Tamara, Coorg)

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