On the occasion of World Environment Day, Karnataka Forest Department Presents “Experience Nagarahole”, A film by Prakash Matada.

Dance of the Light Brigade – Fireflies, Coorg, Karnataka, INDIA April is the time of the ‘Southern Lights’, a natural […]

Indian Fox, Koppal, Karnataka, INDIA The tropical short grasslands of India have been invaded by human habitation but are still […]

Conservation Films

Prakash likes to craft stories about science, culture and wildlife conservation and their intersection that influences opinion and changes behaviour.

Natural History Camerawork

Prakash’s experience as a cinematographer includes filming for blue chip landmarks and sync/actuality across some of the most challenging environments.

Filmmaking Workshops

Prakash teaches the artistic and technical details of wildlife filmmaking in his workshops, sharing the lessons and inspirations gleaned during a decade in the wild.

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